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Nutrition Challenge and Hydrostatic Testing

Nutrition Challenge

Join our 6 week nutrition challenge, January 22—March 3, where you will learn the basics of how to eat healthy nutrition meals and develop a habit that you can sustain for the long-term. We have a FREE information session on January 19th @6:30pm, join us.

During the challenge learn about:

  • Macronutrients
  • Logging your food
  • Food Quality
  • Pre/Post Exercise Nutrition

With the right preparation, you can manage healthy eating no matter what season of life of life are you in…don’t let kids, a busy work schedule or travel hinder your fitness goals.

What to Expect:

Reinforced by Coaches Ray and Dawn, you cannot fall off this bandwagon! Coaches will be producing a weekly blog or video and providing recipes, talking about the value of sleep and supplements. Also, there will be a bi-weekly meeting and you get a cheat meal!

As an optional benefit, you can sign up for hydrostatic body composition testing! We are partnering with Body Analytics and will have a mobile testing lab that gives you concrete, numeric before and after assessments of lean mass and fat!


Nutrition Challenge Price: $35

Body Composition Testing (optional):

Dates: January 19th and March 3rd

  • 1 Session: $49.00
  • 2 Sessions: $80.00

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Hydrostatic Testing


It’s simple. We show what you are made of when it relates to lean mass and fat.

Through one easy, 10-minute dunk, Body Analytics gives you accurate assessment for lean mass (muscle, bones, organs and tissue) and fat (visceral and subcutaneous).

All you do is sign up, come in, lean back like you are taking a bath or washing your hair, and relax in our heated, filtered, and chemically treated water tank. Within minutes of your test, we provide you with your results in the form of a printed 4 page analysis.  Our trained technician will go over the results with you in the privacy of our air conditioned mobile clinic.

Comprehensive Body Composition Analysis

Every test will give you a 4-page report containing the following information, so you have a complete snapshot of your body’s composition data.

Total Body Composition Profile – Uses a two part system to separate fat from lean mass.

Body Fat Analysis – Measures both visceral and subcutaneous fat and provides accurate calculations for total body fat in lbs., fat percentage, and lean mass in lbs.

Resting Metabolic Rate – Provides a baseline caloric profile based on actual measurements of lean tissue.

Body Fat Goals – Provides a guide to rank you with other individuals in your age group and gender and gives goal fat loss in lbs. and percentage to reach desired area or health range.

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