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Liz V


Liz V

Liz VLiz V. will be the first to admit she isn’t the most athletic person in the world. By her
own admission, she was always picked last in gym class — “and with good reason,” she
says – and a bad experience with a running program eight years ago left her with
chronic injuries. So it came as a huge surprise to her last June when a chance
encounter with CrossFit at Fit and Fearless opened her eyes to a whole new life of
fitness, health, and endorphin addiction.
“I learned about CrossFit incidentally while checking out Krav Maga,” Liz says. “The first
item of the warm-up for my first WOD was a jog down to the stop sign and back, and I
seriously almost turned on my heel and walked to my car right then and there. Who
knows what else we did — I was too grumpy about the run to remember.” Liz would
have said goodbye to CrossFit right then if it hadn’t been for one exercise that she’d
never even considered before. “I don’t know what screwy part of my brain makes tireflipping
SO RIDICULOUSLY TERRIFIC. But I freaking love it, and I signed up for CrossFit
that very day,” she says.
Now, almost one year later, Liz’s life has changed – from her weight to her blood
pressure, from her diet to her attitude, from her clothes to her confidence.
“My body fat is down by over 10% at last count, my weight is down 40 pounds by my
scale, my blood pressure is reasonable, and I’ve had to replace most of my wardrobe,”
Liz says. “I can run – it might not be my favorite thing, but I can. I love to lift, which I
never would have known, and I do some lifts reasonably well. And as many things as I
have to scale still, when I look at how far I’ve come, I know I can conquer the skills I
want to gain.” In the last six months Liz has even gone Paleo.

Liz’s proudest moment as a CrossFitter came on Dec. 31, when she took part in the
New Year’s Eve competitive WOD, which demanded she push herself not only physically
but emotionally as well.

“I was nervous about attending at all,” Liz admits. “My preference is to fade into the
woodwork at most events, so the idea of having people watching me do a WOD — and
judging too — yikes. So I mostly decided to pretend they weren’t. And I had a great
time. Then when Jeff called my name and said I’d come in second place in the scaled
women’s category, I started looking around because I figured there must be some
other Liz there who I hadn’t met yet. Because, surely he couldn’t have meant me. But
no other Liz stepped forward, so I went ahead and stood on that box. You absolutely
could have knocked me over with a feather.”
So Liz trains on – lighter, stronger, happier, now even an award-winning athlete. For
her, the box isn’t just a gym; it’s become what she calls her “happy little refuge from
the world.” “I’m hooked on the endorphins — even when I’m grumbling my way

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