Ray – CrossFit and Fearless




RayRay has been doing CrossFit for just over a year. His doctor told him to lose weight, but he didn’t want to die
of boredom on a treadmill. After seeing the CrossFit Games on ESPN he thought CrossFit would be perfect –
it had manly weight-lifting plus the cardio he needed! Now he’s lost some weight, has more energy, can lift
more things at his job, and finds running up and down flights of stairs much easier. His doctor is very
impressed with the progress in his health.

“I’ve watched Ray come into the gym for months now. It doesn’t matter what the WOD is – he’ll be there.
He is one of the reasons I wake up in the morning and am excited to coach. I’m inspired by him and I know others are at the gym as well. Proud of you bud! Keep up the good work” -Coach Austen

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