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Auto-Regulatory Progressive Resistance Exercise (APRE)


Auto-Regulatory Progressive Resistance Exercise (APRE)

Hi Fearless Fam!

This week marks the first of week of APRE (or Auto-Regulatory Progressive Resistance Exercise) that we will be running at CrossFit and Fearless. I first was introduced to APRE in 2017 from our former Head Coach Ramon (Ray) Cossio. He got his experience with it from interning with the strength and conditioning coaches at the University of Houston. In his words – “It was insane to see athletes add 20-30# lbs to their lifts within a 4-week program!”

I went through my first APRE cycle with Back Squats 1 on 1 with Ray in June of 2017. Within my first cycle of only 4 weeks, I went from a one rep max of 265 lbs to 285 lbs. I was doing back squats one day a week and doing CrossFit classes normally otherwise. This cycle that we went through was based on APRE 6, which we will get into once we complete APRE 10 in the gym. This means that the rep goal was 6-8 reps rather than the 10+ that we are starting with on APRE 10. Since then, I have done APRE with back squats again, dead lifts, and have seen it done with push press. In every cycle I have seen or done myself, there has been a 15+ pound increase in weight.

One amazing aspect of APRE is that you only train a specific lift once a week, with a maximum of 2 lifts utilizing the protocol per cycle. Additionally, there is no need to further visit that particular lift later in the week as most sports (CrossFit) provide the necessary additional stimuli. It is this unique characteristic that makes APRE uniquely adaptable for CrossFit. With APRE, while the intensity and effort is higher than most lifting days the overall volume is low compared to other training programs.

All strength programs work, that’s the bottom line. The magic of APRE is the experience that both myself and Jon (@coachfazio) have with this program. We have both done it and coached it numerous times and have seen the effect of it first hand.

Be prepared to come in on Mondays and squat until you can’t anymore. Get ready to come in on Fridays and pick up the bar until it doesn’t move an inch off the ground. Week 1 of 16 is here. The momentum has started off STRONG. Let’s keep up the great work.

The effort you put in will directly reflect in the strength gains you get.

Lift Away!

– Derec


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