August Athlete of the Month – Adam Kogler! – CrossFit and Fearless

August Athlete of the Month – Adam Kogler!


August Athlete of the Month – Adam Kogler!

CF&F: How long have you been CrossFitting?
AK: About a year and a half.
CF&F: How did you get into it?
AK: In Houston- Crossfit Eado. I just walked in, and it was just luck. They had a 8:45 pm class that worked with my late work schedule. I think what really got me hooked were the Hero WODS every weekend.
CF&F: What are the biggest changes you’ve seen since becoming a CrossFitter?
AK: I have gotten a lot more lean and am in way better shape. I’ve lost like 30 pounds, and I’m in the best shape of my life right now.
CF&F: What is your favorite lift?
AK: Deadlift; You get like a high when you deadlift! Your legs get so warm, I totally get a pump when I do them. I feel like my hamstrings are going to blow up (in a good way) and you just don’t really feel that in any other lifts. Am I the only one that feels like this?!
CF&F: Favorite WOD? Favorite part of Crossfit in general?
AK: Hero WODs in general, but I also really like this one workout… I think it was 3 RFT. 10 pullups, 15 kbs, 400 meter run. But mostly, I enjoy Hero WODs because they’re mental tasks that take a whole hour to finish. At that point, they are just so long and push you to your mental limits.
CF&F: What makes you come back every day?
AK: I get stronger. Simple as that.

CF&F: When is a time that you wanted to quit?
AK: One time, I fell off of a 36 in box jump, and got a huge shin scrape. Everyone was asking if I was okay, and, you know, you just want to keep going, so you’re just like,” I got this, and I’m going to finish”… and then you apologize for bleeding all over the box (not just the 36 in one… the entire gym too).

AK Extra Fun Facts: Favorite Food: P.Terrys and the triple at Whataburger

**Left to go get P.Terry’s immediately after interview**!!

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