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Auto-Regulatory Progressive Resistance Exercise


Auto-Regulatory Progressive Resistance Exercise

This week marks the first of many APRE protocols that we will be running at CrossFit and Fearless. I first was introduced to APRE while interning with the strength and conditioning coaches at the University of Houston. It was insane to see athletes add 20-30# lbs to their lifts within a 4-week program!

I began experimenting on myself, following the program in detail from start to finish. Within my first cycle I added about 15# to my back squat, since then I’ve completed about 6 more back squat cycles with the best result at +30# and my worst result +5#. I’ve used the cycle with deadlifts, squats, hang power cleans, hang power snatches, and strict press. All of them have been successful, however technique in the oly lifts is crucial for success when utilizing this program.

One amazing aspect of APRE is that you only train a specific lift once a week, with a maximum of 2 lifts utilizing the protocol per cycle. Additionally, there is no need to further visit that particular lift later in the week as most sports (CrossFit) provide the necessary additional stimuli. It is this unique characteristic that makes APRE uniquely adaptable for CrossFit. For example if I was trying to up my numbers using the Hatch cycle or Wendler strength program it would be extremely difficult to continue attending my normal classes without the possibility of over-training or injury. With APRE, while the intensity and effort is higher than most lifting days the overall volume is low compared to other training programs.

All strength programs work, that’s the bottom line. The difference is in whether the Coach has intimate knowledge of that program. If you were to jump into a strength cycle that you found off the Internet you would likely have questions, additionally you cannot foresee training roadblocks, such as injuries. The coach that understands their program can adjust for this, substitute, or even change goals for lifters. I have put myself through and coached over 20 APRE cycles, I know what adjustments to make off how my athletes look or move.

Lets get after it this month and make some huge gains. I’m very excited to see how everyone responds to this. Feel free to comment or ask questions on this blog or in person.


-Coach Ray


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