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Texas Summer: STAY HYDRATED!!! (2 of 3)

Last post we talked about how our bodies can adapt to these conditions. Acclimatization is not a silver bullet, so we must also prepare our body everyday. Alcohol, illicit drugs, and some supplements may increase our risk of heat susceptibility. So we must make smart nutritional choices and couple them with great recovery behavior.

Slow Down: Ease Back Into Fitness

we are probably not quite as strong right now as we want to be, AND THAT'S OKAY. We will work back to the point at which we were. The strength and the conditioning will come back. The danger lies in trying to speed that process along too quickly or jumping into too heavy of workouts.
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Focus On What You Can Control: Be Fearless

We are in a very trying time now. With an unprecedented event currently going on, each and every one of us is searching for answers. In times like these it is more important than ever to lean on each other, lean on your community, and focus on what you can control.

Ready to Beat the Heat? Urine Luck

we live in Texas. We will soon be working out in 90+ degree weather and sweating waterfalls. We simply must stay hydrated. You will hear your coaches talk about it as we move into more heat, but remember to take precautions. Read more at our blog!

Catch Some Zzz’s

How often do you feel yourself dragging throughout the day because you are lacking sleep? Do you need to reach for that 3rd cup of coffee by noon? Is there a running joke about your level of caffeine intake? If you are like me, sleep is probably something that you don't get enough of. Read more on our blog!