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Coach Derec’s Rules For The Open


Coach Derec’s Rules For The Open

Hi Fearless Family,

The CrossFit Open is Here! Workout 20.1 is today and Friday Night Lights starts at 5PM!

With that in mind, I wanted to go over a few rules/tips to help make the most out of the CrossFit Open!

Rules for the CrossFit Open:

  1. Cheer Everyone/ Celebrate Everything – The Open can be one of the most fun parts of the year in CrossFit. With such a large portion of our community together in one place it is a perfect time to cheer on your fellow athletes and celebrate EVERY win we have each week.
  2. Have FUN – As I wrote last week ( ), remember to have fun with these workouts. We are dressed up goofy, we are all doing a rough workout, and we are all here to have fun first and foremost. Don’t let the workout make your night less fun if it doesn’t go as well as you planned.
  3. Don’t Take it Too Seriously, None of Us Are Making the CrossFit Games – Let’s be honest, none of us are going to make the CrossFit Games. Don’t treat the Open workouts like they are your CrossFit Games, we are not Games Athletes.
  4. Remember it is JUST a workout – Whether you do extremely well or you crash and burn in this workout, it is JUST a workout. You will still wake up Saturday, maybe drink some coffee, and hopefully come to the 10:30AM class! Don’t treat the Open like it’s your championship game.
  5. Workout Hard – While you shouldn’t treat this workout like it life or death, don’t slack! This is the best time of the year to test yourself. Push yourself for these next 5 weeks.
  6. Don’t Argue With Your Judge – Seriously, don’t. It’s going to slow you down, it’s going to slow other people down, and it’s going to cause a distraction. Nobody is judging you trying to lower your score. If a judge gives you a no-rep, they are just calling it like they see it. Be honest about your reps and don’t give the judges push-back, we are all human and can make errors some time
  7. HAVE A GOOD TIME – Remember to HAVE FUN with these workouts. We dress silly, we cheer each other on, and we have fun doing it

The Open is a magical time of year in how it brings us all together and helps us push our limits. Hope to see you at CrossFit and Fearless every Friday at 5PM for the next 5 weeks!

Coach Derec

Instagram: @derec.thompson

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