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Coach KP at the Fittest Experience


Coach KP at the Fittest Experience

This weekend our amazing and awesome Coach KP will be taking on The Fittest Experience, a two day competition that brings some of the best athletes from the Austin area for the largest competition in the Southern States. It all begins with an online qualifier much like the open and from there 800 athletes are selected to compete in 12 divisions. KP will be in the intermediate division and will be taking on 60 other fire breathing CrossFitters!

If you’ve been with us for a while you may know that KP suffered a shoulder injury mid-last year and had been limited with her training while her shoulder healed. When the qualifier rolled around she jumped in with only a few weeks of full training. Needless to say she crushed the workouts and earned a spot this weekend!

Lets go out and support KP in her first individual competition!!

Here is a link to purchase tickets.

KP’s Saturday Schedule:
Snatch Complex – 8:28am
Obstacle Course – 11:40am
Rambling Diane – 1:42pm
Mystery WOD – 6pm

We will update the schedule as we get more details.


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