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Gym Status Page – COVID-19

Online Workouts are available via Wodify and video. More information - Remote Workout Info

We are committed to your health and safety. The gym is currently open, here are the policies and procedures we are following to maintain that commitment.

Class Structure Changes:

  • Class Size – All classes will have an 8 person maximum with a waitlist.
  • Class Time – Classes are 45 minutes long with social distancing requirements in place.
  • Workout Areas – We now have 8 workout boxes outlined in tape. Each box will have all of the equipment you need for the workout. Please go directly to your area while staying outside of other boxes.
  • Late Arrivals – if you arrive late and there is someone on the waitlist, you will lose your spot.

Social Distancing Guidelines:

  • Prior to each class, members are required to review the individual checklist of COVID-19 symptoms indicating they do not have any of these symptoms.
  • If you are sick, please stay at home! For the safety of everyone we will not allow anyone with possible Covid-19 symptoms to be in the gym (this includes allergy symptoms).
  • Please bring only what you need to workout into the class. Place all of your personal belongings in the box with you. Our seating area and cubbies are temporarily closed.
  • Athletes are expected to disinfect their area after each workout.
  • Bring your own water, since we have no way to eliminate physical contact with the water machine.

How are you cleaning the gym:

  • We always use anti-viral and anti-bacterial cleaning solutions for all cleaning – we have increased our frequency of cleaning high contact surfaces.
  • Anti-viral/anti-bacterial spray bottles and rags are always available for cleaning equipment after use;
  • Hand soap is located inside of each restroom – members and staff are encouraged to wash hands frequently.
  • Hand sanitizer is located throughout the facility for use as needed.
  • Each athlete is wiping down areas where athletes lay on the floor after each class
  • 3x/day we are wiping down all flat surfaces (except the floor), door knobs, high contact areas with disinfectant.
  • Each designated workout space has the equipment needed for the class. This minimizes the contact with equipment.
  • Partner workouts have been eliminated.
  • Classpass is no longer accepted. Free Trial athletes are expected to follow the same guidelines as members.

We are following the Governor’s ReOpen Texas plan for cleaning and operations.