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What is CrossFit?

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By definition, CrossFit is a General Physical Preparedness plan consisting of: constantly varied functional movements performed at a (relatively) high intensity. 

But what does that mean? Put simply – CrossFit is working out to build strength for the things you do everyday.

“What is CrossFit” always comes with “Who is CrossFit for?” The truth is, CrossFit is for everyone. CrossFit can be adapted to any skill level or need. Whether you are just starting out, are a former athlete looking to stay competitive, or you just want a good workout – CrossFit is for you. CrossFit is effective at addressing all levels of those needs through the use of functional movements as a base of our training.

Great Community

While CrossFit is a fitness program, CrossFit is also about community. CrossFit isn’t just about coming in for a workout –  it’s about the people you meet and most importantly the friends you make. This community helps provide social support, motivation, and can help you stick with it! No matter what day it is or what the workout is, you will always find people encouraging each other through the workouts. There is nothing like the motivation that comes from having your friends in the gym cheer you on at the end of a hard workout.

CrossFit & Fearless is a community of like-minded individuals working together to mutually achieve similar goals. We work hard together, we support each other, and we have fun doing it.

Constantly Varied


Functional Movement

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