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Slow Down: Ease Back Into Fitness


Slow Down: Ease Back Into Fitness

Happy Friday Fearless Fam!

As we start to work back into our old routines, or stay with our distancing measures, we are seeing a return to fitness. Whether that means picking up the intensity at home or coming back to the gym, it seems like a lot of people are starting to get more consistent and more intense with their fitness regimens. These are fitness regimens that we were used to before we took two-plus months of not working out as hard.

If you’re one of the people, and I have seen many online, who was a lot more sore from Murph this year than you had been in the past – this is for you. Jumping right back into the intensity we were doing pre-Covid will lead to fatigue and injury unless approached properly. As you noticed with Murph, that 100 Pull Ups felt a little different during and afterwards. Our bodies, generally, are not conditioned to take on strain the way they were before Covid.

A large majority of people have not had access to heavy barbells, pull up rigs, boxes for jumping, etc. This means that the body is not primed for these movements. Think of it this way – if you approach any skill without practice (be it fitness, music, sports, math, or anything else) after months of not practicing, it is going to be a little more difficult to start and take some time to get in the groove.

Approach your return to fitness the same way. It’s unfortunate, but we are probably not quite as strong right now as we want to be, AND THAT’S OKAY. We will work back to the point at which we were. The strength and the conditioning will come back. The danger lies in trying to speed that process along too quickly or jumping into too heavy of workouts.

It might be annoying, it might be frustrating, and it might feel like it takes a long time – but it is something we must do.

In the gym, you will see the intensity slowly increase as the weeks go by. We are intentionally starting off a little lower with the intensity to make sure that we properly condition you to return to the fitness level you were once at. Whether you have been working out consistently at home or not, there will still be a bit of a re-learning curve to get back into.

Do yourself a favor, ease back into it and take it slow. Patience is key.

Coach Derec

IG: @derecthompson

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