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Easy Ways to Improve Sleep Quality


Easy Ways to Improve Sleep Quality

Hi Fearless Family!

We have previously talked about the importance of sleep (https://crossfitandfearless.com/catch-some-zzzs/) so now let’s talk about some quick and easy ways to help improve your sleep quality!

There are many ways to help get yourself ready for a good night’s sleep. Whatever your routine is, it helps to have a routine. Let’s take a look at the graphic below from our friends at Working Against Gravity on 14 easy ways to improve sleep quality!

As you can see on the list, some of these are easy quick changes, some of these are a little bigger. If you’re reading this, I assume you are already doing number 8 (exercising often).

The tips I want to point out and focus on:

5. Have a Bedtime Routine – Let you body know it’s time to go to sleep

8. Do Some Stretches and Foam Roll – I cannot understate how beneficial adding this into your routine is. Stretching and focusing on recovery daily will pay endless benefits

11. Make Your Bedroom Super Dark – There is some evidence to getting higher quality sleep when all lights are off and the room is completely dark.

Whatever tips you choose to enact, there is always a way to optimize your sleep. These are just 14 ways, but there are many many more.

Happy Sleeping!

Coach Derec

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