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What is Elements?

Developing a foundation for high intensity functional training is crucial to your success in any new fitness program. Our three elements classes are designed specifically to give you a fundamental understanding of how to perform the common CrossFit movements safely and effectively.

The goal of each workout is to move at a relatively high intensity, to do this you have to understand the movements and your limitations within each movement. In the Elements classes we teach you proper technique and we evaluate your skill level to help you understand how to be successful by scaling a movement.

CrossFit & Fearless Elements Classes:

Our three elements classes are one hour each and follow this general pattern:

Day 1:

Body Weight Movements

Push Ups

Pull Ups

Jump Rope

Day 2:

Beginning Weight Lifting


Overhead Pressing


Day 3:

Olympic Weight Lifting


About Scaling:

One of the hardest parts of sticking to a fitness program is consistency. There are movements in CrossFit that you might not be as good at as others. For those movements we help our members Scale so they can have a great workout while also working to improve in that movement.

Scaling a movement means to change either the weight or the movement in a workout to match your fitness level, in order to maintain the intended stimulus of a workout. A couple examples of scales:

  • Substituting ring rows for pull ups because you cannot do pull ups yet
  • Using dumbbells instead of a barbell due to a wrist injury
  • Biking/rowing instead of running
  • Doing 8 reps per round instead of 6

We want you to be successful and the more you know about your limitations and have a plan to improve them the more likely you are to meet your goals. Read a short article about intensity here.

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