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Fearless Nutrition Coaching: A Place to Start


Fearless Nutrition Coaching: A Place to Start

Hi Fearless Family,

I have VERY exciting news! Starting January 1, 2020, CrossFit and Fearless will be offering 1×1 Nutrition Coaching! Our goal is to be able to assist you in reaching your goals in more ways than just the one hour you spend in the gym with us. What is the best way to do this? Nutrition Coaching!

I have had a very long personal battle with my nutrition, as you can read at https://crossfitandfearless.com/fearless-blog-derecs-story/ . The one thing that could have made this entire story different for me is having someone to coach me through it. I started by trying to learn everything myself, and I had many missteps along the way. My progress with nutrition has never been a straight line; there have been many ups and downs along my path. If I would have another set of eyes to help watch my nutrition and teach me throughout, I wouldn’t have had as many struggles along the way. I wish that I had the ability to have someone coach me through it.

That’s part of why we are adding Nutrition Coaching to our offerings at CrossFit and Fearless. We know what it feels like to not know how to start. We know how hard it is to learn and control nutrition. That is why WE WANT TO HELP.

Starting January 1, 2020 – we will have Nutrition Coaching offered through the gym. You will get:

  • 1×1 personal, customized meal plan
  • weekly 1×1 check ins with your coach
  • unlimited messaging with your coach. There is a 24-hour response time guaranteed to all questions, but since your coach will be in the gym, you have access to them at any time.

Whether you have never paid attention to your nutrition, you have been tracking vigorously for years, or you just want to learn about nutrition – we can help.

We have teamed up with Working Against Gravity(WAG) to bring you top of the line 1×1 Personal, Customized Nutrition Coaching through an in-house coach!

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But What is WAG? In their own words:

“At Working Against Gravity (WAG), we exist simply because we believe we can free ourselves of loaded questions like these with the right nutrition coaching. That we can rise above it all, like a phoenix from the ashes (dramatic but you get it), when we intentionally nourish our bodies from the inside out.

So for those who’ve had enough with being held back by certain foods, for those who are tired of white knuckling it on their own, for people who are ready to make a physical, mental and emotional transformation by way of wholesome, fuel-focused nutrition, for the 9-5 desk jockey, the weekend warrior, the Olympic lifter, the quarter-to-mid life crisis-er or even the person who just sees no harm in a little self-improvement — this program is for you.

We are ready to help you make a change if you are.”


WAG has been trusted by over 22,000 athletes across the world ranging from the every day globo-gym goer to people who don’t work out to some of the top CrossFit Games athletes. https://www.workingagainstgravity.com/results#page=1;filters=

We are only accepting 10 registrations for our January launch! If you have any interest in securing a spot, let me or one of the coaches in our gym know!

You can reach out to [email protected] for more information or contact us on Instgram @CrossfitandFearless or on my personal IG @derec.thompson

I hope we can help you!!

Coach Derec


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