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Fearless Nutrition Tips for the Holidays!


Fearless Nutrition Tips for the Holidays!

Hi Fearless Fam,

Happy Thanksgiving to all! With the holidays right around the corner, many of us will be put into social or family gatherings where one of the main focuses of the event is food. For many, like me, this can lead to a lot of temptation, constant focus on food, and potential overeating. Don’t fear, for there are ways to get around this! Let’s run through some of my best tips for making it through the holidays without feeling bad about how you eat, feeling guilty, and staying fit while you travel!

  1. Choose Nutrient-Dense Whole Foods When Possible
    1. Meats and vegetables as much as possible.
  2. If you wan’t to track you nutrition, track it. If not – don’t. Here are a few ways:
    1. If you want to be so precise as to bring a scale and weigh/ measure all of your food – do it (This is unrealistic for the majority of people)
    2. The Plate Method – There are two ways to go about the Plate Method; you can either go vegetable based or protein based. For a Vegetable Based plate, you should fill 1/2 the plate with Vegetables, 1/4 of the plate with Protein, and 1/4 of the plate with starchy carbs. If you want a protein based plate, switch fill 1/2 the plate with protein and a 1/4 each of starchy carbs and vegetables
    3. Estimate Portions by Hand – Generally, a serving of protein is about the size of your closed fist and a serving of carbs is roughly the size of your open palm.
  3. View The Entire Food Spread Before Making a Plate
    1. Take a walk around the entire food spread and take a minute to really think about which items you want. For many people, the sheer amount of different items causes them to want a little bit of everything and overestimate their hunger.
  4. Choose a Set Amount of your Favorite Dish and Savor it – Eat Slowly
    1. It’s not often you get to eat your favorite Holiday Dish. Whether that be stuffing, a certain pie, a fried turkey, or anything in between. Pick an amount you want to eat, get that amount, and eat it slowly. Appreciate the dish while you have a chance to
  5. Focus On the People You are With, Not the Food
    1. Simply Switching your Focus from the food surrounding you to the people you are with can make the entire day change.

Along with dealing with the fact of having to make endless food choices when the holidays come around, the holidays tend to mean a lot of travel. With travel, we get pulled away from our gyms, our routines, and our prescribed workouts. Luckily, Working Against Gravity (@workingagainstgravity IG) has provided some great, easy to fit in workout ideas that can be done with minimal (or no) equipment! Take a look below:

As hard as you can on each minute!
40 seconds on/20 seconds off
• Burpees
• Squat jumps
• Lateral Jumps

• 20 hollow rocks
• 30 lunge jumps
• Run 400m
• 2-minute rest
Score is time.

Can’t go wrong with some sprints.
100m sprint, rest 1 minute

To See more ideas head over to https://www.workingagainstgravity.com/holiday-guide

The most important thing of all for the Holiday Season: ENJOY YOURSELF AND HAVE FUN.

No matter what your holiday plans are, from myself and the entire team at CrossFit and Fearless – we wish you the best!

Coach Derec


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