February Athlete of the Month- Joe! – CrossFit and Fearless

February Athlete of the Month- Joe!


February Athlete of the Month- Joe!

The Athlete of the Month embodies a positive attitude, commitment to fitness, and fearlessness.  The Athlete of the Month is the athlete both the coaches and the members are excited to have in their class. Congratulations to Joseph Schwarze as our November Athlete of the Month!


Joseph started CrossFit here with us at Crossfit & Fearless! (He says we popped his CrossFit Cherry. Oh my.) After years of what Joe calls “fist pumping,bicep curling, and bench pressing” in New Jersey at a chain gym, he finally moved to Texas for a job — and so of course he had to find a new place to sweat. After scouting out a range of possibilities from MMA gyms to Gold’s Gym-esque chain gyms, Joseph realized that he was looking for a different vibe — and for more of a challenge. This brought him to CrossFit! The coaches at the first gym he tried almost turned him away from CrossFit, but then he found our Box, where “there was something in the atmosphere that just seemed fresh, invigorating, and a new challenge.” And now we get to see him all week long, challenging himself and his fellow CrossFitters!
The biggest change Joseph has seen since become a crossfitter was not a physical change, but a mental one. He says that he has always had a hardworking mentality, but was always too prideful to admit his weaknesses when it came to fitness. Crossfit made him realize that it’s okay to admit weaknesses as long as you are actively working on overcoming them, which is something he is now carrying over into everyday life as well.
Joseph loves the long Grinder type of WODS, because they test not only one’s physical strength, but also mental toughness through pain tolerance. His favorite part of CrossFit in general is the team dynamic, which he says is a complete 180 of how he used to lift. No more putting in headphones and ignoring the world; instead hearing his peers yelling at him to “Get that rep” or “DONT REST” is much more motivating.
That’s what gets him coming back for more every day, every week, no matter how tough the WOD. Thank you Joseph for being such an awesome athlete!

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