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And We’re Back!


And We’re Back!

Hi Fearless Fam,

I hope this post finds you well! If you have not yet heard (which I’m sure you have) CrossFit and Fearless is officialy REOPEN from the Covid-19 lockdown!

With this opening comes a lot of precautions and limitations put in place, but with those precautions and limitations we believe that we can effectively run a safe class.

Here is a quick rundown of what we are doing to ensure a safe, healthyh workout environment for all of our members:

Class Structure Changes:

  • Classes are now 45 minutes long while the social distancing requirements are in place. This gives the coaches time to setup for the next class and the prior class time to disinfect their workout area.
  • We are going to be using marked areas for each person to workout in. Expect a video with details in the next couple of days.
  • All classes have an 8 person limit. This does not include coaches/staff. All classes on Wodify have an 8 person maximum with a wait list. You must reserve your spot at least 30 minutes before the class starts.
  • Late Arrivals – if you arrive late for the class you signed up for and there is someone on the wait list you will lose your spot.  
  • Sign up for Open Gym – same hours as before, but you now have to sign up for a spot in Open gym and you will be using one of the designated workout areas
  • 6am and Noon classes still require a reservation before 10pm or 10am respectively or the classes will be cancelled.
  • 7am class will no longer be offered.

Social Distancing Guidelines:

  • Athletes are expected to disinfect their area after each workout. We will provide cleaner and a rag, but we need your help to keep the gym clean.
  • While social distancing requirements are in place we will not be allowing use of the square cubbies and we will be limiting access inside the building during class times. 
  • Please bring only what you need to workout into the class. 
  • Prior to each class, members are required to review the Individual checklist of COVID-19 symptoms and sign indicating they do not have any of these symptoms. Please note: this includes those of you with allergies, if you are coughing or showing signs of respiratory ailments we will NOT allow you to workout. The checklist is attached to this email.
  • Bring your own water, since we have no way to eliminate physical contact with the water machine we are not allowing it to be used.
  • No Dogs Allowed – We love our furry friends but, while we are under these limitations, we do not have the resources to ensure both our athletes and their pets can properly social distance. For the near term we are not allowing dogs in the gym.
  • No chalk will be provided or allowed in the gym. Please bring a towel to dry your hands.

We have a website page dedicated to our Covid-19 Re-Opening plan for you to check out as well!

While we have reopened, you can still expect to see our at-home workout programs if you are remaining away from the gym for a little while longer! Those will be posted weekly on Wodify the way they have been during the entirity of the Covid Lockdown period.

Coach Derec

IG: @derecthompson

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