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Focus On What You Can Control: Be Fearless


Focus On What You Can Control: Be Fearless

Hi Fearless Fam,

We are in a very trying time now. With an unprecedented event currently going on, each and every one of us is searching for answers. How do I be alone right now? How do I make it through this time? How do I stay sane? What if I lose my job? How do I stay fit? Etc, etc. Regardless of what you worries are, I feel pretty safe in saying that we all have some worries right now. 

In times like these it is more important than ever to lean on each other, lean on your community, and focus on what you can control. Never underestimate the power of having supportive people around you. Today however, let’s dive a little deeper into that last piece: Focusing On What You Can Control.

I read earlier that there are three outcomes in how you choose to react to social distancing:

  1. You can dive
  2. You can survive
  3. You can thrive 

The choice here is up to you and how you choose to respond to our current situation. Will you focus on the negatives and the things that are out of your control or will you focus on what is in your control and what you can do to help this situation be the best it can? Will you let our current situation force you to crumble or will the pressure make you come out like a diamond?

Here are a couple tips for focusing on what you can control and making the most out of this weird situation we are in:

  1. Create and maintain a morning routine – for the most part, all of us have somewhat of a morning routine when the world is fully moving so make sure you have one in this period of social distancing as well. If you can control the first part of your day, it will set you up for a much better day ahead. 
  2. Set goals for yourself – this is a perfect time to set some around-the-house goals for the duration of your distancing. Is there some furniture rearranging you wanted to do? Is there necessary cleaning? If not around the house goals, set personal goals. Do you want to focus on hitting macros specifically while a lot of temptations are gone? Do you want to do a certain amount of pushups daily? Great! Having any goals during this time will help give us something to focus on (not to mention a sweet little dopamine spike in the brain).
  3. Get a new hobby or spend time with a current hobby – do you love reading a certain genre of book? Do you want to learn how to cook a certain food? Do you want to try your hand at drawing? Do you have a puzzle that’s been sitting in your garage for 3 years? (That’s me). We now have extra time on our hands, so if there is something you love to do – do it. 
  4. Connect with people – when was the last time you FaceTimed with a parent or close friend just to catch up? We are all socially distanced (physically) from each other, that doesn’t mean we have to be isolated. We are so lucky to be in a time where we can reach out to anyone across the world while we are going through this. We have the technology to remain socially close and deepen relationships throughout this time, so let’s use it. Call your mom. FaceTime your high school best friend. Have a group dinner or happy hour via video chat. Connect with each other.

The bottom line is this: this situation sucks, period. There’s no getting around the fact that we are suck at home, can’t go about our daily lives as normal, can’t go to the gym, and don’t have the ability to connect in person. BUT, we can make the best of this. We can connect, we can be open with each other, we can dive into hobbies that we love, and we can still set and achieve goals.

I truly believe we are about to see some of the best in humanity come out. Will you let the best of you shine through?

If you need someone to talk to, you know where to find me. I am always here.

Stay safe,

Coach Derec

IG: @derecthompson

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