Halloween 2017 – CrossFit and Fearless

Halloween 2017

On October 28th CrossFit and Fearless is holding a full-costume, partner WOD Fun-petition. Join us for 3 WOD’s, Scaled/RX divisions, costume contest and shenanigans.

Cost $35/person

Scared to sign-up for a Competition…first time?

This FUN-petition is made for YOU! Put on your best costume and come WOD with us. 3 partner WOD’s designed for beginners and experienced athletes alike. Come try out a competition in a low-stress setting, partner with a friend, a stranger or let us help you find a partner.

WHEN: Saturday, October 28, 2017, 8:45am-1pm | WHO: Anyone | HOW MUCH: $35/person
2-person teams | M/M, F/F, F/M | RX and Scaled Divisions
PRIZES for First Place, Second Place and Best Partner Costume!

Sign Me Up!



For Time:

30 Deadlifts (250/165) (205/125)
40 Wall Balls (20/14) (14/10)
70 KB Overhead Lunge (50/35) (35/20)


This is a partner chipper to be completed as fast as possible. Only one partner make work at a time, anytime you and your partner switch you MUST TAG each other.

*Deadlifts: Bar maybe gripped in any fashion, but assistance from straps is not allowed. A completed reps ends with the hips and knees extended creating a vertical line from the waist to the ground when viewed from profile.

Additionally the lifters shoulders must be visibly behind the bar, failure to conform to this standard will result in a NO REP.

*Wall Balls begin with the ball on floor, upon lifting of the ball the athlete must first perform a front squat, where the crease of the hip is visibly below the top of their knees. The ball must travel a minimum of 9ft for women and 10 ft. for men making visible contact with the designated marker.

*When conducting the overhead lunge, any arm maybe used and the KB need only be held above the head. LOCK OUT IS NOT NECESSARY. However if the KB drops below the crown of the athletes head the must cease their work. The entire rep is complete when an athletes steps into the lunge, back knee making contact with the ground, followed by returning to a fully erect position. Failure to do so will result in a NO REP.


5 Rounds for Time:

Cal Row (30: MM/25: MF/20: FF)
15 Power Snatches (95/65) (75/45)


*5 Rounds completed with your partner as quickly as possible.

* Calories maybe split up as desired.

* Power Snatches begin on the floor and are executed in one motion from the ground to overhead lock out. Clean and Jerks will not be allowed. Lock Out is considered: fully extended knees, hip, and elbow with the bar directly over the majority of your body. If you drop the bar before your hips lock out you will be NO REP’D.


For Time:

8min AMRAP
9 Pull Ups or 12 Ring Rows
15 Goblet Squats (70/50) (35/25)
21 Burpee to Plate


You have 8minutes to accumulate as much work as possible with your partner, all movements may be broken up as the team sees fit.

*Pull Ups may big with jump into your kip, but the arms must be fully extended during this process. A complete rep is counted when the chin crosses the horizontal plane created by the top of the bar, NOT THE BOTTOM. If executing ring rows the handles must make contact with the athlete’s chest.

* Goblet Squats: KB must begin in the “goblet” position centered on the sternum of the fully extended athlete. A successful rep will consist of maintaining the KB above the waist, dropping the hip crease below the top of the knees, not making elbow contact with the knees, and standing the wait up fully extending the knees and hips.

*Burpee to “plates”: will begin with the athlete facing the plate, sprawling the chest to the ground (not the plates), springing from the floor, and jumping with both feet onto their designated plate.

Schedule of Events

  • 8:45am Check in/Doors Open
  • 9:30am Welcome and Movement Standards
  • 10am WOD 1 Starts
  • 11am WOD 2 Starts
  • 11:50am WOD 3 Starts
  • 12:30pm Awards Ceremony