Happy New Year CrossFit and Fearless – CrossFit and Fearless

Happy New Year CrossFit and Fearless


Happy New Year CrossFit and Fearless

I am super stoked to get this year started and I hope you are too. In this first blog of 2018 I’d like to tell you all about some changes, upcoming events, and
program focus. It is crucial that we be as transparent with you and you with us to ensure we provide you with the best training possible. So lets get started!

New Look
New year, new you; and the same goes for our box. You’ll notice that we’ve moved some things around to allow for easier access to our equipment and prevent
interruptions during our classes. Feel free to take advantage of the new location to warm-up, put in some extra work, or just hang out and talk about protein, Taylor Swift, Football etc…

Goal Setting
Now is the time to put your thoughts down on paper. Setting fitness goals is a great way to hold yourself accountable and can be your motivation whenever you feel like missing a class or making a bad diet choice. So take the time to think about what you want to achieve with us, by letting us know what your goals are, we as coaches can guide you to success. Be on the look out for our goal setting class.

Your goals may not be exclusive to fitness and we know that. So Coach Dawn will be leading us through a nutrition challenge starting in a few weeks that will take us into the Open. So start cleaning out those pantries and prepping yourself for some clean eating.

Program Focus
On the horizon is the Crossfit Open; that means that our program will be geared towards conditioning and honing some of the more skillful movements within the
Crossfit world. That means extra time spent working on the finer points of double unders, hand stand push ups, and pistols. I know not everyone is looking to get better at these, but don’t worry there will be plenty of work on strength, endurance, and some good old fashion metcons.

Rebuilding Warriors
This February we’ll be putting on our very own Crossfit competition with the goal of raising money for Rebuilding Warriors, which is an amazing organization that
provides veterans with service dogs at no cost. This will be a partner competition with both RX and Scaled divisions.

-Coach Ray

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