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Here’s what’s coming!


Here’s what’s coming!

The Open has ended and I couldn’t be happier with our amazing Community! We successfully trained through the Open and did not let any open workout deter us from training hard day in and day out. So now what… we start rebuilding our bodies from the ground up, I’ll be calling this cycle “back 2 basics” and that’s exactly what your going to do. We’ll be using a Tier Level approach to our strength which was developed by Joe Kenn(Carolina Panthers), along with CrossFit style metcons to keep us sharp.

Here are the key points in order of importance:

1) Strength Endurance: of the large muscle groups utilizing the Deadlift, Front Squat, and Strict Press.

2) Traditional Aerobic Capacity: Tuesdays = short repeated intervals at a high intensity, Thursdays = long intervals moderate intensity.

3) Body Weight Virtuosity: You will see a ton of push ups, sit ups, burpees, and even strict pull ups.

4) Multi-planar Accessory: lateral lunges, Is Ys Ts, curls, rows, bench press will all be included in order to develop and increase muscular balance.

Yes… the first week will hurt, but if you see yourself through this cycle you’ll come out ready for anything. If you’re tired or sore, modify weight or even movement. Don’t make excuses for yourself, making changes to your body and improving your fitness hurts, it’s uncomfortable. There is no magic short cut to six pack abs or a 400lbs squat.

-Coach Ray


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