January’s Athlete of the Month- Madison Shaft – CrossFit and Fearless

January’s Athlete of the Month- Madison Shaft


January’s Athlete of the Month- Madison Shaft

The Athlete of the Month embodies a positive attitude, commitment to fitness, and fearlessness.  The Athlete of the Month is the athlete both the coaches and the members are excited to have in their class. Congratulations to Madison Shaft, our January Athlete of the Month!


Madison started CrossFit in May 2014 in South Dakota when she felt she needed a serious change in her fitness and health. The biggest change that she has noticed since starting is improvement in her overall physical fitness. In particular, she has become both stronger and faster. She joined our box in October and has made a lasting impression on coaches and fellow athletes with her positive attitude and eagerness to work hard.

Her favorite lift is the deadlift because she likes lifting heavy. Her favorite WOD is Helen because it challenges her since running and pull-ups are her weaknesses. She enjoys pushing herself to see how she’s improved on these weaknesses. Her favorite part of CrossFit is community. She says, “I love the coaches and other CrossFitters that provide the support to get through a challenging WOD.”

“After Madison completed her elements course I knew we had a new star on our hands. She comes in and takes on everything I throw at her without even questioning herself. Madison has such a huge heart and a great spirit. I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in the future because I know she will crush any obstacle in her past.”
-Coach Austen

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