Jay Galvan- March Athlete of the Month – CrossFit and Fearless

Jay Galvan- March Athlete of the Month


Jay Galvan- March Athlete of the Month



The Athlete of the Month embodies a positive attitude, commitment to fitness, and fearlessness. The Athlete of the Month is the athlete both the coaches and the members are excited to have in their class. Congratulations to Jay Galvan as our March Athlete of the Month!
How long have you been CrossFitting?

Jay had been coming once a week for about a year and half, but this January, he decided to make some changes to his lifestyle and committed to showing up at least 4 times a week. It was more transformational than he could have imagined: he developed a better understanding of the functional movements in CrossFit and began to grasp the importance of proper form, as well as consistency of that form, when lifting heavier weight. He also noticed that he was developing a greater sense of a shared space and feeling of community with other members, who were encouraging his growth and asking him for encouragement in return.

Where did you start?

When Jay started at the Box, it was the first exercise class he had ever done. He had never worked out and never did any kind of sports or physical activity other than just “biking a bit.”

How did you get into it?

Jay knew that he had to do something physical to keep himself healthy. The fact that CrossFit workouts are different everyday really motivated him — there’s no time to get stuck in a rut.

What are the biggest changes you’ve seen since becoming a CrossFitter?

Jay’s first goal was to do a strict pull-up; a simple goal that has eluded him his whole life. When he made that new commitment to show up at least 4 times a week, he noticed his strength rapidly increasing after about a month, and now feels that he is really close to his new goal of 10 strict pull-ups in a row by summer!

What is your favorite lift? Favorite WOD?

Jay’s favorite WOD is “Fight Gone Bad.” It’s actually the first workout he did his first time at the Box. According to Jay, “It was a surreal moment for a newbie.”

Favorite part of CrossFit in general?

Jay loves the support from coaches and other members at CF&F.

What makes you come back every day?

Jay says his own commitment to a simple strength goal keeps him coming back — something tangible like a pull-up is easy metric to follow. What’s your next goal, everyone??

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