June Athlete of the Month – Matt Morgan – CrossFit and Fearless

June Athlete of the Month – Matt Morgan


June Athlete of the Month – Matt Morgan

MattMorganJune Athlete of the Month – Matt Morgan!

CF&F: How long have you been CrossFitting?
MM: I’ve been crossfitting pretty consistently since April of last year.
CF&F: How did you get into it?
MM: Started in Birmingham, AL because there’s really not much else to do there other than drink beer, and I couldn’t let that slope get too slippery.
CF&F: What are the biggest changes you’ve seen since becoming a CrossFitter?
MM: I was never able to get over 150 until I started CrossFit, so I’d say the biggest changes have definitely been all the good kind of gains.
CF&F: What is your favorite lift? 
MM: Favorite lift is a clean because it doesn’t use a whole lot of shoulders.
CF&F: Favorite WOD? 
MM: Favorite WOD would be a long RFT workout that incorporates a little bit of everything (legs, pushing and/or pulling, and some kind of cardio like running or rowing).
CF&F: Favorite part of CrossFit in general? 
MM: Favorite part of CrossFit would be the friendly competition that comes along with each workout!
CF&F: What makes you come back every day?

MM: And finally, what makes me come back everyday is good coaches, a hard-working and driven atmosphere, and the desire to someday just be a straight animal. Rrrrrr!

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