Last Love Letter from Brooke: NOAH IS COMING – CrossFit and Fearless

Last Love Letter from Brooke: NOAH IS COMING


Last Love Letter from Brooke: NOAH IS COMING

Brooke is currently in labor! Follow Brooke’s progress on baby Noah on her facebook and instagram page.  Here are a few words of encouragement from Brooke’s CrossFit journey.

I first started CrossFit in 2010 in Lakeland, Florida, my Sophomore year of college. CrossFit drastically changed my view of fitness, I finally viewed health & fitness as something that was fun to do. I was excited to come into the gym every day to meet new people and learn new “tricks”. I couldn’t tell you what half the movements were…all I can remember is the coach saying 3,2,1…Go! And then magically I would start moving…then sweating…then dying!!! I was having fun and it was all I could think about every single day. I can remember going back to campus wanting to brag about the fact that I had been up since 4am, worked out, ate breakfast and was ready for my first class. (I was definitely the overachiever 🙂 and not much has changed! I still love bragging about myself haha )

When I came to Austin I had no idea that CrossFit was as huge as it was. All I knew was that I had to find a gym and I had to find one fast! Yup, I was bit by the CrossFit bug. I was “that person” that only talked about CrossFit. My clothes changed from cotton shorts and baggy shirts to only tight fitted Lululemon gear! (Hey, I had to find new clothes to fit my new rocking body, I mean, am I right?!?!) But slowly, my mind got wrapped up in having to be a “competitive CrossFitter” and I started becoming unsatisfied with every workout. My head told me, “I was never good enough.” I felt my “fun” start to diminish and I desperately wanted that back. And that’s when I stumbled upon CrossFit and Fearless.

As an athlete and manager, getting to know everyone and being a part of changing lives has impacted me more than anyone will ever know. I want to say “Thank You!” to every person who has inspired me, encouraged me or has simply just made me laugh. I can honestly say that I LOVE every single person and am so excited for the growth of every athlete: mentally & physically.

I encourage everyone to keep going, keep striving for your goals, though they may seem so far away right now, one day they will be but a touch away.

Stay consistent with what you set out to do, don’t let anyone stop you from achieving what may seem impossible. 

Continue on, even if it is one step a day, or one lift a day. 

Continue to build your physical strength and your character strength. 

Write down what you want and how you can achieve it and a year from now look back at all you have accomplished. Be proud of who you are and who you are becoming. 

Thank you CrossFit and Fearless for changing my life, for challenging me and strengthening me. And as I embark on this new season of life of raising my very first child I will think of you guys every single day for making me the person I am today.

I love you all!



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