Love Letters from Brooke: 3,2,1 GO! – CrossFit and Fearless

Love Letters from Brooke: 3,2,1 GO!


Love Letters from Brooke: 3,2,1 GO!

So much is going on in the month of March; I really cannot wait for all the fun to start! But before I do, I would love to wrap up this month with a few thoughts.
I loved having Jamie from Rx Acupuncture come out to the gym Monday night. It felt like one big party!

Huge shout out to Irene Moore (one of our 6 AMers) for really pushing herself past her fears and not letting her fears dictate/control or immobilize her any longer. She finally decided that fear was no loner going to dictate what she will and will not do in the gym. Instead, she is taking the power back into her own hands and accomplishing so much! Irene has improved tremendously since first starting less than a month ago, and she has already gotten her first pull-up and has PR’d in multiple lifts!

Next, I would love to highlight Mr. Taylor Patterson. This guy has so much dedication to this sport and it has definitely been paying off as he hit a 3×2 @ 205 Back Squat! Amazing job Taylor! The look of excitement on your face after hitting your lift while keeping your heels on the ground was priceless.  As a coach, I couldn’t be happier for you!

I’m so excited that The Open is finally here and that our Nutrition Challenge is kicking off! Good luck to all of our athletes who are doing 1 or the other or both! I look forward to seeing all that you achieve in the next 5 weeks.

Keep your heads held high & be encouraged!

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