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Love Letters from Brooke: Abel Guerra


Love Letters from Brooke: Abel Guerra

What can I NOT say about ABEL!!!

Abel and I started to get to know each other almost a year ago through the Noon class M-F. For about 3 months, he was the only person that would ever show up and through those classes an awesome relationship was built.

No matter if there is 1 person in class or 20, Abel gives his all no matter what. Abel travels like crazy and even though he is on the road more than he is in Austin, he still makes it a priority to make it to the gym. There have been many times when Abel will have literally just gotten off the plane and has driven straight to the gym to catch the noon class. When he is here, he is here and he makes a point to be here without any excuses. And if anyone could have an excuse not to make it to the gym it would be Abel. But he doesn’t do it. He chooses the road less traveled and does so confidently and whole heartily.

My favorite thing Abel has ever said is that his name is a four letter word for “can do” and he definitely lives his life to that motto.

Thank you Abel for always showing up and being present and giving it your all. This world is full of stress, but you my friend deal with it like a boss. I know things aren’t easy, but thank you for never giving up!

Congrats on your soon to be newborn baby! I wish you and your family loads of joy and happiness!



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