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Love Letters from Brooke: Alex Gonzalez


Love Letters from Brooke: Alex Gonzalez

Alex is definitely one of those athletes you just love to pick on!

He comes into the gym ready to work and is always one step ahead of me!

He warms up quickly and is probably the fastest person I know at changing into his Oly shoes. I love having him in class because the rest of the class usually follows after his lead. I can remember one day I didn’t even have to say get your bars out, because Alex was already leading the pack and before I knew it, the whole class was ready for the Bergner warm-up.

I absolutely LOVE giving him a hard time, all fun and games of course. He’s just one of those guys that once you have a friendship with, the jokes just don’t stop coming.

Above all, he respects the gym, his coaches and the other athletes on the gym floor. He is always sure to cheer everyone else on once he is done with his workout and his commitment to being present is unbeatable. If Alex has had a bad day, you would never know it. He is truly one that represents what a CrossFit community is all about, and my classes wouldn’t be the same without him!

 Love ya man! Keep CrossFitting On!




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