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Love Letters from Brooke: AM Community


Love Letters from Brooke: AM Community

I can’t tell you how much I love waking up at 5:15am to get to the gym at 6AM. I would never have thought I would be saying this, BUT I find myself thinking it all the time. I love the community in the morning; full of dedicated, hard-working athletes all coming together for one purpose: to workout together.

Community is my number one favorite thing about CrossFit and without every single person in our gym it wouldn’t be what it is today. Every one brings their own quirks and funky personalities that make coming to workout so much fun.

Having a class that encourages your victories and helps you through your failures is so inspiring and I am grateful for the CFNF community. Having a team that motivates you, keeps you accountable; a coach that demands quality movement, integrity of your workouts makes you a stronger and all around better athlete.

My love is for everyone in the gym, but a special #LOVE shout out to the morning Fearless and FIT Peeps. The mornings are jam packed with energy and high level performances from the athletes. These next few months are going to be great! I can already feel it!



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