Love Letters from Brooke: Brady Bryan – CrossFit and Fearless

Love Letters from Brooke: Brady Bryan


Love Letters from Brooke: Brady Bryan


I must say I am super sad to see Mr. Brady Bryan go, but I am so happy for him and purchasing his own home!

Brady, was definitely NOT your typical CrossFitter. Rolling into the gym with his converse shoes & hipster shorts, but I knew the day he took his shirt off for the first time in a workout that he was here to stay! Since then, he has causally decked himself out from head- to- toe with CrossFit gear and man does he ALWAYS look good! #styleonpoint

It’s safe to say that I have had a best friend crush on him since day one and I have loved getting to know him since. Seeing him now in the gym, killing workouts and working on his weaknesses just goes to show you that it’s not about looks (even though he wins in that department), but rather the dedication of the athlete!

I will miss you on your break Brady and can’t wait to have you back in the gym!



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