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Love Letters from Brooke: Compete


Love Letters from Brooke: Compete

Why do we compete in CrossFit?

I had this thought the other day and what I have noticed throughout the years is that there is a wide range of athletes:  Some who take the sport of CrossFit VERY intensely, and some who don’t.  You can pick them out of a crowd; “They probably compete.” Usually, we associate Crossfit competitions with athletes who are more advanced CrossFitters. But WHY?  Why should it matter what level or how experienced you are? I understand no one likes to lose, but are you really losing? Participating in an event, normally for a sweet cause, with people who are trying to better themselves, in front of people who support you until their throats are hoarse…. How can that be “not for you”?  

Whether this is your first year of CrossFit or your sixth, everyone has a place at a CF competition.  It’s hard to understand because Crossfit competitions are like no other. You’re not competing to be the best in comparison with another person next to you.  That’s no fun and frankly a toxic mentality.  You’re there to be the best you.  With a lot of other people that are trying to be the best them. Everyone gets cheered for, no man gets left behind, everyone is inspired by people’s efforts.  Why?  It takes a lot of courage to compete.  

I love competing, I always have. I enjoy the rush I get when all eyes are on me, because it challenges myself to defy what I thought I could’t do. And there is nothing better than proving myself wrong!  However, I have been around the block a time or two, to realize that not everyone is like me… but I still think it doesn’t matter. Whether you are the biggest extrovert or 100% introvert, everyone can find something that they care about and compete for that cause.

Maybe the word “compete” is a little too strong.  okay, lets use the phrase “to strive towards a goal”. Whatever your reason or cause, focus on that and let go of what others may think or all the negative things that you think of yourself. This kind of negativity holds you back; people’s perception of you will limit what you can do.

Sooo! I encourage you to find your cause and compete for it. Stop holding yourself back! Don’t be surprised if you get a surge of energy, unstoppable drive, more committed dedication, and most of all: an intense focus.

So come into the gym with a cause to win. And not to win on Wodify, unless that’s your goal, but win at your  life. Walk out of the gym knowing you gave it your all even if I had to yell at you 1,700 times! Leave feeling satisfied with your work. Give yourself the opportunity to try and try to the fullest. Even if you come in last place, or even if you feel silly, try anyway. COMPETE ANYWAY. Strive towards a goal and don’t let anything stop you!

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