Love Letters from Brooke: Construction Madness!!! – CrossFit and Fearless

Love Letters from Brooke: Construction Madness!!!


Love Letters from Brooke: Construction Madness!!!

Hello Hello Everyone!!!

How crazy has this week been?!?! With the rain, construction on the back wall, full classes and equipment everywhere!!! But despite it all, I am truly appreciative of everyone’s willingness to work around the chaos, to still come and get your workout in!

Special reminder, this weekend is our community workout, rain or shine we will be at the lake getting our SUP on! I can’t wait to see everyone out there and a special shout-out to someone very important to me!!! Eric Iglesias (AKA, my husband)!!! For those of you who don’t know it’s also his BIRTHDAY on Saturday, so be sure to come out and give him a great big hug!

Other than that, I am very excited to announce our very first ever Glow in the Dark WOD coming to you LIVE the first Friday of September (Sept. 2, 2016)! More details to come!!! But stay tuned and start gathering all of your glow in the dark nik naks and come out for one big party!

Have a great, safe weekend, and don’t stay out of the rain, go outside and have fun in it!








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