Love Letters from Brooke: Elle Green – CrossFit and Fearless

Love Letters from Brooke: Elle Green


Love Letters from Brooke: Elle Green

If you don’t know Elle, you should!
elle race
Every class Elle signs up to do, she comes running into with her cute little visor and neon running attire.  I love her attitude in the gym and her willingness to try even when she is afraid. Yesterday I saw her go from confident, to scared, to frustrated, to back to confident again while doing box jumps in her workout. It was quite the transformation!

Box jumps can be intimidating for a lot of people especially after you have had a good fall and bust your shin (which I am pretty sure most everyone who has CrossFitted before has had that happen to once or twice). And sometimes, when you experience a fall, it’s hard to get back up and what’s even harder is to re-conquer the thing that made you fall in the first place. And that is exactly what I saw Elle do in class!

I am so proud of Elle and all that she has accomplished thus far in life. She is a hard working woman with many dreams of entrepreneurship. She runs everyday from her apartment to CrossFit and still goes out on the 400 meter runs with the class.  When I found out she has done done 10 marathons, 30 half marathons, 1 Ironman, 2 half ironmans, and even a few triatholons, I almost fainted!  She’s a beast!

Elle is definitely a strong woman and I love having her in the gym.

Keep up the hard work Elle! You are doing amazing!  

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