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Love Letters from Brooke: Just Do it!


Love Letters from Brooke: Just Do it!


  • Adam! For getting in those Double Unders- Killing it!
  • Claudio! For taking on a Survival Challenge out in the wilderness.
  • Jessie! For being so encouraging to others. I love how she attacks a workout. It’s always with a positive attitude and she always comes out winning.
  • Matt & Tyler! For coming into the box intentionally and pushing one another every day.

Sometimes in life you just have to get over yourself, get over the b.s., and just get the work done. Take that first step; try that new thing. Whatever is holding you back from true greatness, let it go, and just do it, whatever it is! Get out and try a new sport or try that lift you have always wanted to hit. Know that CrossFit and Fearless will always be here to support you through whatever new thing you try. We’re here to push you past your comfort zone, showing you there never were any boundaries to begin with! The possibilities over your life are limitless, so go for it! Just do it!


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