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Love Letters from Brooke: Let’s Run Together


Love Letters from Brooke: Let’s Run Together

Hey hey everyone!

What a great week it has been coming off a long weekend!
Let’s remember to take one day at a time no matter what’s happening in our lives. We can’t fix what happened yesterday and we can’t control what will happen tomorrow. We can only focus on what’s happening today. We can’t fix everything all at once, but we can tackle one thing at a time. Let’s fight to keep our minds right, whether at work, in the gym or with personal relationships. Let’s stay focused throughout the month of July and don’t forget our first ever Running Program kicks off this Saturday at 8am for a fun run around the neighborhood!
I want to give a huge shout out to Brady Bryan for being our July’s Athlete of the Month. Not only is Brady a extraordinarily hard working athlete, he is also one of the funniest athletes as well.  He brightens my day with his light-hearted “life is good” attitude.  I remember when he first started, he was so anxious to lift heavy, but knew he needed to work up to the weights he wanted. Then he was hit with a “not so good feeling” in one of his shoulders. Brady has gotten his shoulder looked at and continues to do the accessory work that needs to be done before class starts to help with injury prevention. His dedication and passion for CrossFit is so exciting to see and I love watching him give it his all in his workouts.  His PRs have amazed me and his progress is so easily observed.  Keep it up Brady!!!

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