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Love Letters from Brooke: Letting Go


Love Letters from Brooke: Letting Go

Well it’s no surprise to anyone at the gym by now that… I’m pregnant. It’s been a rough 4 months for me as far as eating, working out, and plain ol’ morning sickness are concerned. P.S. they might as well just call it “All Day Sickness”… But above all, the hardest thing I have had to go through/overcome is the simple idea of “letting go”.

You see, my whole life I have been a person who has been in control. In control of my eating, in control of my working out, in control of my life goals… the list goes on and on… from having fun to my sleep schedule and more… I have always been a very scheduled, routine person and now my whole schedule has been turned upside down; don’t even get me started on my workouts.  You might as well just call them a 30 min warm- up. But, I learned a very valuable lesson the other day. It’s something people have been telling me all along, but for some reason it finally stuck and a light bulb went off.

I was in the middle of my workout, and I told myself I was only going to workout for 30 minutes (don’t worry, I’m moving at a snails pace).  When I got to the 30 minute mark I thought, “Well, maybe I can go for 45 minutes instead.”  What ended up happening at minute 31?  … I started gagging to the point of wanting to throw up. I was in the middle of my pull on the rower when I had to simply let go of the handle and stop. It was such a hard moment for me because everything inside of me was wanting to push through it, to suck it up, and keep going.  However, my body was literally shutting down. I could have ignored it (which I have done in the past), or I could decide to listen it. I decided to listen. Instead, I finished the day with a session from ROMWOD and I was able to reflect on my “stubbornness” haha.

Learning to let go in life is difficult.  Don’t get me wrong, I am super happy about my pregnancy. I just didn’t realize all of the obstacles I would have to face in my own life so I could just feel normal. But the more flexible I am with my routine, the more grace I give myself to find a new schedule that works for the season of life that I am in, the more happy I become.

So, I say all this so that you might reflect on what is it in your life that you have a hard time letting go of. It might be control or it might be that extra 10 minutes in front of the T.V. screen when you know you could be up and about doing other things with your time. Whatever it is in your life, ’tis the season to Let It Go and find your new routine 🙂



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