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Love Letters from Brooke: “Life Happens”


Love Letters from Brooke: “Life Happens”

I had the most interesting conversation with a few athletes this week about “life”. Each day, we wake up, hoping to achieve that next big thing, anticipating that next pay raise at the office, or waiting for that next relationship to finally take off. I hear the phrase, “life happens” a lot throughout my days. We go about our day holding on to this anecdote faithfully, dealing with whatever it may be; but what happens when “life doesn’t happen”?  When we don’t receive the pay raise, the new job or the new relationship. What do we do then?

As I thought about this phrase I started thinking of ALL of you! I thought about how I see you guys day in and day out. Rain or shine, good day or bad, y’all make it to the gym. And in return, I hope I can encourage you in some small way to keep pushing, keep striving, and keep working. Stay faithful in the small things.  Stay focused at the task at hand, so that when life doesn’t go according to your plan, you won’t fall apart.  Instead, you will have built up the endurance to withstand disappointment and continue on.

Stay the course and in the end you will receive your just reward!
Be Encouraged Always!



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