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Love Letters from Brooke: #LOVE


Love Letters from Brooke: #LOVE

I just have to share how overwhelmingly loved I have felt by our community this past week; from the moment I step out onto the gym floor to closing up the gym. Whether y’all are having a good or bad day, y’all have made a point to reach out. Without love for ourselves and one another, our community wouldn’t be what it is and I couldn’t be more excited for the direction our gym is going. Lets harness the power of love and utilize it for the rest of the year to encourage each other through every victory and failure.

Big shout out to Adam Kogler, thank you for always asking me how I’m doing and thank you Miss Elle Green for taking such an interest in my acting. I love talking to you and everyone else in our community about our passions, things that drive us and excite us and motivate us.

Keep up the hard work everyone.

Much Love,

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