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Love Letters from Brooke: Mindset


Love Letters from Brooke: Mindset

Life and Death are in the power of the tongue…

Don’t believe me? Then let me ask you this… Have you ever been in an argument with a friend, family member or close personal loved one and in the midst of the heat and irrational thinking words were thrown like daggers right and left until he/she threw out the one word that sent you off your rocker. An arrow to it’s bulls-eye… #nailedit

Words are powerful, words can provoke, words can manipulate, words can tear you down, but words can also lift you up. Your mindset in or out of the gym all starts with the words you are feeding your heart and mind. If you continue to feed yourself the lie that you can’t do this or you can’t do that, then that’s exactly what you can’t do. It has very little to do with your actual physical capacity to do the very thing you are trying to do, because your body is simply just lining up with what your mind is already feeding it. If you eat crap, your body will be filled with crap… literally.

I discuss this topic because day- in and day- out I am surrounded by athletes who push themselves and athletes who don’t. Athletes who never give up and athletes who give up before they even start and my heart for everyone in our gym is to never give up no matter the circumstance, no matter the situation, for there will always be another “life situation” another “crisis to console” and another “day to get you down”.

So I ask you, which one are you, and which one do you want to be? If you have an awful day/ week – get over it, life goes on and so must you. I dare to say that abruptly with the hopes that you will read  this very seriously. I truly believe that your life is worth living and worth living to the fullest so I say these things not lightly and not to be taken lightly.

Choose today to be different, choose to speak life over yourself, speak positively over yourself and see how it changes your day.

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