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Love Letters from Brooke: New Beginnings


Love Letters from Brooke: New Beginnings

This week my high was that I loved seeing Tyler consistently hit huge PR’s and having Brian Moses back in the gym was amazing! The 6AMers know how much I love them and getting to see them on Monday was a wonderful start to a great week! Adam, keep up the amazing work. I love when he may not get something, but will struggle through it and by the time he is done with his workout he always says, “That was good.” Love the attitude Adam and keep up all of the hard work! Big shout out to Jessie for hitting that 20 lb PR Deadlift and to everyone else for PR’ing or consistently showing up. Stay at it and the results will come. It’s not how you start a race, but how you finish it. And folks our race is far from over, it has nearly just begun. Keep it up!

My low was seeing only 1 person show up for Noon class and 7:30PM class. No one likes to workout by themselves. Let’s help grow those classes!
Can’t wait for next week!
Coach Brooke

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