Love Letters from Brooke – Nutrition Challenge – CrossFit and Fearless

Love Letters from Brooke – Nutrition Challenge


Love Letters from Brooke – Nutrition Challenge

Hello all you beautiful and lovely people! I hope the holidays are treating you well and I hope you are enjoying your time with your friends and families!
Next up on the Crossfit and Fearless’s News & Events… a NUTRITION CHALLENGE!!!

First off, I’m super excited about all of the fun things we have planned for 2017 and what better way to start things off then with nutrition. The whole year is planned with events, workouts, charities and plain ole community fun!


So0o0o0o to start things off our Nutrition Challenge will be kicking off Wednesday, January 25th at 7:30pm! This will be a 9 week challenge!! That’s right, you heard me correctly, 9 full weeks of eating “better” cough cough, and working hard. There will be teams, goal settings, weigh-ins, body tanks, team challenges and more!!! All leading up to the 2017 CrossFit Open!

I can’t wait to see what y’all bring to 2017, because I know we have a lot to bring to you!
Let’s do this year right with excitement, enthusiasm and a whole lot of joy!
More details to come on the challenge! Ask any coach for details!




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