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Love Letters from Brooke: Pura Vida


Love Letters from Brooke: Pura Vida

First off! I’m so happy to be back in the gym to see all of y’alls lovely faces!!!

Secondly, I hope I see everyone out for this Saturday’s Community WOD/ Friendsgiving Feast!!!

Annnnnnd third, I love this time of the year when the weather starts to get a little cooler, turkey signs are everywhere and the smells of pies, sweet potatoes and cranberries are all about!!!!

There is so much to be thankful for this year and I encourage everyone in our community to find 3 things this week that they are grateful for. This past Sunday at church the pastor spoke on discontentment and it hit me pretty hard because even though I have an amazing life I still find things to complain about or be dissatisfied with. Going to Costa Rica and seeing how differently they live was another eye opening experience foe me. They live with less resources than us, less money and yet every single person was so happy and full of life. So put your phones down, stop finding things to be upset about on the internet/ social media and instead breathe.  Get out and do something new and enjoy life.

In Costa Rica they have this saying for everything called “Pura Vida” meaning “Pure Life”. Instead of saying hello and good bye many people just say Pura Vida. So I leave you with that my friends! Pura Vida. Enjoy your life, and don’t let our present times or your present circumstances get you down! It’s your life how are you going to live it? In fear? In frustration? Or in joy and happiness?!

The Choice is Yours!


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  1. Shaley Schneider

    Hey Brooke! This is Shaley, do you remember me? I came to crossfit and fearless a few years back in Austin! I just wanted to let you know I stumbled upon this post of yours!!
    I’m actually in Costa Rica right now !!! Pura Vida!

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