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Love Letters from Brooke: Rain or Shine


Love Letters from Brooke: Rain or Shine

This week has been pretty gloomy to say the least with all of the rain. I found myself some days not even wanting to get out of bed. I must say coming to the gym was by far the best part of my day. Coaching my classes put a smile on my face especially with Mr. David and Tan the Man teaching me a new song, well not really a new song an “old” song.

And on that note, I want to highlight one of our athletes, David Debeau. He is always on time for class, he leads by example, and always gives 100% to everything he does in the gym. I love having him in class and seeing his growth as an athlete.  Keep up all the hard work David! Your attention to detail, willingness to lend a helping hand, and positive attitude are so greatly appreciated.  Thanks for giving and making our box even greater!



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