Love Letters from Brooke: Sacrifice – CrossFit and Fearless

Love Letters from Brooke: Sacrifice


Love Letters from Brooke: Sacrifice

In honor of a great workout that our Fearless Team will be doing at the Catalyst Games Friday evening (Murph) at 5:45pm at Fortitute Fitness, I hope everyone comes to the gym ready and focus for a great workout.

I can’t describe how proud I am of everyone in our gym and of course my team for putting in so much work, sacrificing their own hurts and pains and still giving it their all. That is what a team is all about.
Sacrifice. That’s what it takes to accomplish something great. Coming to the gym is ultimately one of the first sacrifices a crossfitter faces, because ultimately you are choosing to do one thing over another.┬áIt’s beautiful to see a group of people come day in and day out, yes for themselves, but also to be surrounded by a community of like minded people. To stay fit & healthy and to compete everyday.
Competing doesn’t have to be against others, in fact, I find most times it is me competing against myself. Whatever you have to do to push yourself that extra mile, to keep going and to give it your all, do it! It’s your life and you only have one so let’s choose to be a community that lives in our present moment and gives it our all! Whatever that “all” might be for that day, give it!

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