Love Letters from Brooke: The Matt Morgan – CrossFit and Fearless

Love Letters from Brooke: The Matt Morgan


Love Letters from Brooke: The Matt Morgan

Well gang, another week in the books. The heat is really coming in strong so please remember to hydrate! (It’s a good thing we have a Swim WOD coming soon).  Don’t forget, this Saturday the gym will be closed! Coach Madison, KP and Myself will be competing in Girls Gone RX Competition to raise awareness for Breast Cancer.

Annnnnnnnnnd…. as another week comes to a close, that means we’re hours away from having to say good-bye to an amazing member of CrossFit & Fearless, Matt Morgan.

Matt, is the all or nothing kind of guy. He is either all in or… all in. He doesn’t know how to quit, and I admire him so much for his drive, his will power, and his determination. From day 1, he has always been consistent at showing up, putting in the work, and giving every once of energy he has to a WOD.

I am truly sad to see him go, but wish the best for him in his future endeavors. Matt’s presence brings such a light-heartedness to things, that I for one was really grateful to have.

I hope you continue strong in your CrossFit journey and your professional career as well.
You will be missed Matt! Always know you have a place to call home at CrossFit and Fearless!

Brooke Iglesias

PS. Madison approves this message :'( Miss you already Matt Morgan

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