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Love Letters from Brooke: The Russian


Love Letters from Brooke: The Russian

First off, I would love to start with give a BIG thank you to all my ladies who participated in the goal setting party and to Coach Andre for putting on a great MAN NIGHT at the gym! I heard Tyler Brogan killlllllled it! ANNND there’s a little birdy flying around saying Chris Pena is our next All- Star Athlete!

I look forward to our future months as a gym. As we continue to grow and thrive as a community/ as a family. As our events get better and better and our athletes get stronger and stronger, I know this year will be filled with smiles and PR’s.

Last, but not least, MR. Alex Russian!!!! You are such a joy to have in the gym, thank you for your consistent energy and your ability to always have fun and see the bright side of things. Our community wouldn’t be the same without. Keep up all the hard work you do, inside and outside of the gym. And know that you always have a home at CrossFit and Fearless!



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