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Love Letters from Brooke: Uniquely Similar


Love Letters from Brooke: Uniquely Similar

Being Uniquely Similar –

I heard that saying this past Sunday and have been thinking about it ever since.

In an attempt to summarize fairly quickly, here is how I relate this to the gym. We are all similar by the fact that we all come in to do one thing, CrossFit. But, what I love about the saying is that we are all distinctly unique. I guess you could take this by, how we dress, how we act and how we look in the gym, but I take a step further.

When I think of being unique, I think about where we all started with our CrossFit journey. And every journey is completely different, neither good nor bad, just different. Some start CrossFit and right away escalate to higher weights and higher skills while maintaining good form and technique, while others took a few years to achieve a full depth squat or their first muscle-up.

While reading the above paragraph, if I were to ask you which journey is the better option, my guess would be 10 out of 10 people would go for option 1. The easier, more “successful” path. But how much more rewarding is it to be in the second journey? Someone who had to work a bit extra and stay a little longer to achieve what they wanted. Again, neither option is better, simply different.

So here is what I ask… that we continue to be similar in the fact that we come and do what we love: CrossFit; but that we stop comparing ourselves with the person next to us and what their journey may look like. Why? Because, it does us absolutely no good. So what if the person to your right is lifting 100 lbs more than you. Stay true to your journey. Stop chasing someone’s hard work. Stop trying to be someone who has it all at 60 because they didn’t start there when they were 20. Same goes in the gym, stop comparing your success to someone who has been in the gym for years on end. Instead, focus on your beginning and work hard every single day. Let go of your pride and simply stay committed to your process, and as you do each day will be a stepping stone to the pinnacle of your success.



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