Love Letters from Brooke: Why I LOVE Sarvi – CrossFit and Fearless

Love Letters from Brooke: Why I LOVE Sarvi


Love Letters from Brooke: Why I LOVE Sarvi

Words can’t even express how deeply sad I am to see Miss. Sarvi leave our CrossFit Family. I wish her the best of luck and of course #LOVE in California.

Getting to coach Sarvi has been such a blessing in my life and I am sure that Coach KP agrees. I remember the first day I came to class and she was lifting a certain amount of weight (cough, cough … super light … cough, cough… for her… ).  I took one look at her and then her bar and I thought to myself, “Well that won’t last long.  We’ll get her lifting heavier in no time.”

Sooner than I anticipated, Sarvi was lifting more, squatting more, and getting faster! At 6am might I add! I was so happy to have her achieve ATHLETE OF THE MONTH, and from then on, it was game over! Every single day in the gym, she would give 110% to all workouts.

Annnddd even though she was a morning crew member, I would LOVE getting to see her face in the evenings for events, especially The 2016 CrossFit Open. She cheered me on in every workout and was so faithful in making sure I was alright afterwards. The athlete had become the coach!

She will always have such a special place in my heart and I will miss her so much.  I wish her the best in her future endeavors!!!! She will truly be missed in our community!



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