Love Letters from Brooke: Yanett Garcia – CrossFit and Fearless

Love Letters from Brooke: Yanett Garcia


Love Letters from Brooke: Yanett Garcia

I can remember meeting Yanett for the first time. She was incredibly intimidated by the whole CrossFit “thing”, and definitely didn’t know how she felt about what we told her what to do. But even with all her concerns, she came anyway! She tried it out and has been here ever since.

Yanett has blossomed before my very eyes from intimated to a complete all around Bad A**!!! She iced the cake for me as a coach (not literally) by completing her 5 x 2 Clean & Jerks at 85lbs on Monday when before, she would barely lift more than 45lbs overhead.

Yanett is beginning to find her power and seeing that, as a coach, couldn’t be more rewarding. I see beauty shine forth from her more and more each week as she continues to get stronger and faster in her workouts! She is learning so much about herself and about this wonderful thing we call CrossFit.

I am very excited to continue to watch her grow and learn more about herself as 2017 continues to take off. I can see her break through the boundaries and limits she once had on herself and oh what a beautiful thing it is to see.

I love you Yanett, you are beautiful inside and out!



P.S. Keep teaching me Spanish, so Eric won’t get on my case about it when our baby is born!

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